Who We Are

Beautiful Abilities Founder Phil Haas has been serving individuals with intellectual disabilities for more than 25 years. Phil helped major providers develop innovative programs and operations that enhanced the quality of care while maximizing the bottom line. Over many years and much experience, Phil has formed the ideals that today drive all Beautiful Abilities decisions and operations as a whole.

The Beautiful Abilities Philosophy

Beautiful Abilities was founded on the belief that every life has value. We believe the secret to leading productive, meaningful and rich lives is working towards the realization of our purpose and then sharing it with others. A diagnosis determining a person has a “disability” does not change the individual’s value, nor their determination to have a meaningful life. It is important that in serving, that our services do not limit anyone, but always support each person in achieving personal best.

Beautiful Abilities provides opportunities for each person, with and without disabilities, together to reach for the stars and in so doing realize their abilities.

The name “Beautiful Abilities” signifies the overall philosophy of achieving dreams by focusing on supporting abilities instead of a serving a disability. The name came from an insightful paper by Phil’s daughter Christina who wrote about what she learned from working with individuals at a ranch camp. She wrote how she went to the camp unsure how to work with persons with disabilities but quickly found herself inspired by the people living there. They taught her more than she did them. We find this to be a common feeling when you value and celebrate abilities.

Our vision for care is not new. In his book Becoming Human, Jean Vanier, noted philosopher and founder of L’ARCH – an international network of communities for people with disabilities – wrote about “a human vision for creating a common good that radically changes our communities, our relationships and ourselves.” This and several other books share Vanier’s lifelong application of these principles to daily life and care of others.

Phil saw firsthand the overwhelmingly positive results of Vanier’s approach while directing an “intentional community” residential program and working ranch in Texas that subscribes to Vanier’s teaching. The Beautiful Abilities model of care is the integration of that experience with the 25 years of successfully providing Home and Community Services (HCS). The result is services which provide high quality care in warm, fun and safe environments.

Beautiful Abilities Founder and President Phil Haas

Phil’s career in leadership of organizations serving those diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities has spanned more than 25 years in both the private and public sectors. During that time he notably developed HCS services for Martin Luther Homes across Texas and then later developed a new region of services with another large provider, both with regulatory and financial success. Recently, his focus has been assisting small providers in implementing effective management tools and creative service development, including as the Director of Programs for Down Home Ranch, a nationally recognized provider of a unique ranch residential community, day program and camp in Texas.

Phil has served as the President of the Private Provider Association of Texas and as a State Representative for ANCOR, the national provider association. His wife of 21 years is Suzanne who currently is a Bilingual Aide at College Station Independent School District. They are blessed with two young adults, Christopher, 20 and Christina, 18. His family shares the passion for serving others, in support and partnership with Beautiful Abilities. Phil has lived in the Brazos Valley for more than 35 years where he has deep family ties.