Volunteers are an integral part of our Beautiful Abilities family and community. Volunteer roles can vary, affording opportunities for short term commitments and longer term options.

Volunteer roles include:

  • Friend and supporter to the individuals in our care: This “natural support” role is important during day services, social activities and at local churches.
  • Skills trainers: People who share skills, interests and hobbies as part of our activities and social events.
  • Labor and expertise: Donate time and talent to various projects and ventures to enrich lives and the experiences at Beautiful Abilities.

Benefits of Volunteering
The greatest benefit of volunteering is working with and learning from our friends. Volunteer work will often include a lot of hearty hugs and huge smiles. It is easy to guarantee fun as part of the experience. You will also leave knowing you enriched lives and truly made a difference.

Who Can Volunteer
We welcome both individuals and organizations to join the Beautiful Abilities family. Common volunteers include:

  • companies
  • churches
  • student organizations
  • school groups
  • families
  • individuals
  • Scouts and Scout troops
  • 4H
  • FFA

You may come individually or with a group. We welcome community service.

Long Term Volunteers
If you wish to commit to being a long term volunteer – giving your time and talents on a regular schedule – please contact us to complete an application and a background check as required for the safety of our clients. The process is simple and there is no cost to you.

>> Click here for the volunteer application