Human Services Consulting & Provider Solutions

Products and Services
Beautiful Abilities Resources is ready to serve as your care management consultant, offering proven tools and systems to ensure provider success.

If you serve persons with intellectual disabilities, you need insight, expertise and the right tools and processes to keep cash flowing and grow your business. Beautiful Abilities products and services are tailored to meet your organization’s needs, budget and mission.

Beautiful Abilities products and services include:

  • Task Master Pro® software
  • Quality Assurance
  • Local market research
  • Sustainability Assessments
  • Sustainable service design and implementation
  • Niche or expanded area marketing
  • Business consulting services: improve business operations, streamline reimbursement, capture and keep earned revenue.

Benefits of Beautiful Abilities Consulting

Our experience will give you the competitive advantage.

  • Over 25 years of successful provider development and management
  • In depth understanding of state and federal policies and billing guidelines ; keeping up with the changes before they occur
  • Tools and best practices ensure sound business management operations not common among human services providers.
  • Define and market your unique services and niche.

Common Provider Problems

The new client pool is shrinking as more providers enter your market. The regulatory requirements continually and rapidly change as does the “realized” reimbursement. The Local Authority both authorizes the service you must deliver and can impact how quickly you receive reimbursement. Just as you begin to catch your breath, legislators and agencies are beginning to meet to develop a Medicaid reform plan, which many believe will lead to managed care.

Now more than ever, small providers of care and services struggle to manage the business aspects of their operations, leaving earned revenues uncollected and compromising the overall quality of care. Lack of understanding of implementation of government billing regulations combined with an absence of sound management tools prevent the best intended providers from forming viable care operations. If you wish to thrive – or even survive – your business must be prepared to adapt to a rapidly changing market.

The Right Provider Solution

Beautiful Abilities Resources was developed to provide efficient and effective management solutions for community human services providers serving people with intellectual disabilities. Beautiful Abilities employs the Task Manager Pro software solution and brings more than 25 years of successful provider development and management experience to ensure effective management and control of government reimbursements. Beautiful Abilities benefits care providers by facilitating more profitable, responsive, and therefore viable business operations, while enabling a better quality of care and life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Beautiful Abilities Team Capabilities and Experience

For more than 25 years, Beautiful Abilities CEO Phil Haas has effectively developed and managed providers of residential and care services for people with intellectual disabilities. Recently his focus has been assisting small providers in implementing management practices, capacity building and exceeding financial goals. Phil has served as the President of the Private Providers Association of Texas and as a State Representative for ANCOR, the national provider association.

Beautiful Abilities Resources offers a comprehensive network of consultants specializing in Medicaid billing /eligibility, niche branding/ marketing, accounting, human resources, HCS nursing, staff training, program management and quality assurance/ survey preparation.