Home Services

Adults with intellectual disabilities are often just special people whose beautiful abilities are as yet unrealized. Through quality home services, we provide nurturing settings and create a safe environment where each individual is engaged, loved and appreciated for his or her God-given gifts.

Beautiful Abilities residential services include:

  • Home and Community Services (HCS)
  • Texas Home Living Services (TxHL)
  • Summer Camps
  • Respite Weekends

Home and Community Services (HCS) Care

Our HCS residential care is more than a house and a service. It’s home. Each housemate becomes part of an extended family. Highly qualified staff members provide nurturing support to ensure an environment which is welcoming, comfortable and safe. Our program is designed for each participant to be active, but through our service model can offer a variety of choices and opportunities to meet individual interests.

Choose From a Variety of Weekday Opportunities
Each week, each person in our care is expected to participate in one or more of our our day activities. Opportunities are available in:
structured day activity programs, supported work opportunities, or integrated competitive employment.

Enjoy Regular Evening and Weekend Activities
In addition to individual activities, at least once a week, we offer organized opportunities for community outings and/or activities. Group outings are arranged for those who are more comfortable in that setting. Smaller individual activities are coordinated to meet the needs and desires of our individual friends. We also support and encourage all of our friends’ participation in their local faith community.

Supported Living (SL) Homes

In our group homes, we begin with a high quality four bedroom home, so that each person can have a room of their own and plenty of common space to facilitate group and individual time as they choose. Our homes are primarily three-person homes with a live in staff. This fits best with our philosophy of care and desire to create a family like environment. We will develop a 4 person residence (RSS) based on the need for and interest in a shift staff model.

Foster Care

We support our foster care homes with on-going specialized training and oversight to ensure these homes put our philosophy into action and meet high standards. As available, we offer respite opportunities for our provider coupled with a highly marketable reimbursement to attract providers who are committed to our values and stable employment.

Supported Home Living

Beautiful Abilities provides in-home support for our friends who live in their own home or apartment. Support is provided by a trained staff member based on the approved hours on the Individual Plan of Care. Participation in community events and a day service or community employment is encouraged and supported. Respite is offered in their own home or at another site depending on choice. Respite weekends will be offered at a ranch setting as these services are developed.