Day Services

Beautiful Abilities developed and operates a unique Day Activity Center called "Integration Station"​. Located at 4202 E. 29th St., Bryan, TX we provide connections and training opportunities for integration into community activities, purposeful physical activity and meaningful life experiences and friendships. This is not your standard day program, we stay active in community activities at least 50% of their time out in the community. We do this by incorporating existing life skill program activities, volunteer activities, providing support at local exercise programs as well as providing on site socialization activities, gardening, exercise and craft classes, Both persons diagnosed with Intellectual Disabilities and staff work together to create a fun and effective environment for life learning experiences. We serve HCS, TxHL , provider contract and private pay.

Beautiful Abilities Ranch – Raising the BAR

In 2016 we realized the dream of Beautiful Abilities Ranch in the Brazos Valley which is expanding our day activity programs to include equine/ animal therapy, water activities, gardening and animal rescue/fostering. In addition to ranch day programs, the ranch will also develop job opportunities for our friends by training and employing teams of individuals to work with small livestock, animal rescue, landscaping and small farming, Set in a beautiful location on 60 acres close to Bryan/College Station, the ranch facilities will also be available to the community for special occasions, retreats and "game day" lodging/activities where proceeds will be used in the support of operations and development of various venues and entrepreneurial endeavors on the ranch serving persons diagnosed with IDD, both those currently with funding as well as offering opportunities for those without.

Contract Services

We are happy to be affiliated with one of the best and most respected job placement organizations for persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Junction 505. This greatly expands our capacity to find and support meaningful work opportunities in the Brazos Valley. Over 100 companies and organizations have profited from successful employment of individuals through Junction 505 in their businesses.We share the same philosophies of care and actively support collaboration to meet the community and our friends needs. We expect this relationship to grow as we both grow.

Junction Five-O-Five “is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for adults with disabilities by providing them with the opportunity to join the mainstream in employment”.

  • Serving Bryan/College Station for over 30 years
  • Active member of The Employer Assistance Referral Network & Maximus Ticket to Work
  • Community Rehabilitation Program certified by Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)

Some Services Provided through our contract:

  • JOB PLACEMENT - Qualified individuals are assisted in locating available jobs in the community both individually and in well established contract services employment.
  • JOB TRAINING - A highly adaptable and versatile Employment Consultant provides the new employee with one-on-one training and support at the job site. This on-site assistance is reduced as the employee becomes proficient in completing the job independently
  • ON-GOING SUPPORT - Continued involvement is provided by natural supports or by the employment consultant for as long as the individual is employed.

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