Our Approach

Beautiful Abilities is a network of sustainable services and resources which focus on the abilities of each person and fosters a supportive community where persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities can thrive. Ours is a community within the community. To achieve self sustainability, our business model is supported by three distinct components, including residential/ day services, resource development/ consulting, and Beautiful Abilities Ministry. Combined, our programs provides stability and adaptability not common among current services or providers.

Beautiful Abilities Residential / Day Services

Operating in local communities through a Medicaid waiver program, Home and Community Services (HCS), we offer homes and service providers who meet the high standards of our philosophy of care. Our day services incorporate entrepreneurial ventures, collaborations and community development to unlock new possibilities for personal growth, support for inclusive living and additional funds to support the cost of the care.

In the Brazos Valley, we are developing Beautiful Abilities Ranch, a small ranch community which is designed to be inclusive across various levels of needs and diagnoses. The ranch will provide day services, social activities, employment, supported employment with partner businesses and a community of support. We will also offer a camp and respite for others to come for a short while and experience the same.

Beautiful Abilities Resources

We develop the tools and resources to replicate our model and offer similar opportunities for support in other communities. Our consulting services support other providers who share our philosophy and desire to become more self sufficient. This not only offers enhanced quality of life to more persons, but it expands a collaborative network of support and promotes individual choice.

Beautiful Abilities Ministry

Established to support those without funding for our services and others through sponsorships and funds from each local community, our ministry provides a venue for individuals and corporations to contribute financial support, in kind services, time and talent towards a sustainable model of care for persons with intellectual disabilities.

We invite you to join the Beautiful Abilities Community and unlock your potential. Contact Us to learn more.